Applejack is an Earth mare and the younger sister of Big Macintosh, older sister of Apple Bloom, granddaughter of Granny Smith and cousin of Babs Seed.

She represents the Element of Honesty.


Appearance Edit

Applejack has a round, freckled face and average height and weight, orange fur and a yellow mane and tail, which she ties up at the ends. She often wears a brown cowboy hat and her eyes are green.

Her cutie mark is three red apples.

Personality Edit

Applejack can be a bit stubborn at times, but she makes up for that with her extreme devotion to her family and friends. She is very strong, able to pull a cart, do sports rather well, and buck apples off trees. She is very protective of Apple Bloom, sometimes to a fault. Her favourite food is apples. She also is honest enough to wield the Element of Honesty, and also quite fair. She's glad to offer food to newcomers and (usually) doesn't cheat. She used to have a slight rivalry with Rainbow Dash, but that seemed to resolve as of "Fall Weather Friends" and despite occasional arguments, she is very close to her family, including her extended family. Applejack doesn't mind getting dirty and dislikes prim-and-properness.

Early Life Edit

As a toddler, she was described as having "the appetite of a full-grown stallion".

Filly Applejack

When she was a young filly, slightly older than Apple Bloom is now, she once left her farm to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange in Manehattan. However, she didn't like their fancy lifestyle, and when the Sonic Rainboom happened, she decided she was destined to be an apple farmer because it coincidentally shone from the direction of Sweet Apple Acres and moved back, earning her cutie mark in the process.

Later, when she had recently entered adolescence and Big Mac was in his mid-teens, the pair argued over who was going to run Sweet Apple Acres, leading Applejack to lie that Granny Smith was ill. When this cleared up, she ended up with the honest personality she has now.

Trivia Edit

  • She owns several pets, including some pigs, cows (which she likely keeps for milk), chickens (which she likely keeps for eggs) and a dog named Winona. MLP ponies are vegetarians but not vegans. As such, Applejack's pigs are probably pets.
  • She lives right next door to the Everfree Forest but considers it unnatural.
  • She was the last in her class to get her cutie mark.
  • She and Pinkie Pie are possibly distant cousins, although that is left unexplained.

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