A changeling is a type of creature from the show.

Changeling swarm S2E26

Appearance Edit

Changelings resemble black, hairless ponies but with holes in their legs, fishlike tails, different ears than ponies, blue insect-like wings, blue pupilless eyes, forked tongues, fangs, and single horns on their heads. Their queen, Chrysalis, has blue hair and pupils in her eyes.

Habits Edit

Changelings travel in groups, using their psychic powers to detect love, which, despite being an emotion, provides sustenance for them and they "feed on" the love, which fuels their magic, making it stronger depending on how powerful the love is. Their magic has an aura that's similar to that of unicorn magic; Chrysalis's was green. They also have the ability to shape-shift into whatever or whoever they want, so Thorax now has antlers, a green body and orange wings. They also hiss while feeding.

Baby Changelings Edit

Baby changelings are hatched out of eggs in a hivelike structure. They are born as white larvae with black faces.