Daring Do, a.k.a. A.K. Yearling (what the initials stand for is unknown) is a Pegasus mare; an adventurer who writes about her adventures in the third person.

Daring Do

Appearance Edit

Daring Do has tan fur and feathers, red eyes and her mane and tail are the same style as those of Rainbow Dash, but are in shades of grey instead. When writing, she wears sunglasses, a sunhat, and a pink shroud, and when she's adventuring, she wears the same sunhat but with a tan T-shirt and green bandana. Her cutie mark is a compass rose.

Personality Edit

Daring Do is very intelligent and stealthy, however, she is a loner and generally mistrusts other animals. However, she has opened up a bit and become friends with Rainbow Dash.