Discord is a male dracone Equus and is the Spirit of Chaos.


Appearance Edit

Discord's head is grey and is sort of similar to that of a pony. He also has a long, grey neck, a long, thin, brown body, a red lizard tail with a white tassel at the end, the left front paw of a lion, a bird's claw on his front right, the left back paw of an alligator, the right back paw of an antelope, a beard, wild yellow eyes with red pupils, a twisted blue horn on one the right but a deer's horn on the left, the left wing of a bat and the right wing of a blue bird.

Personality Edit

Discord has magic but is very chaotic and likes to warp reality. He also doesn't like to make sense. He used to be a villain who liked to torture ponies, but now, while he still likes to cause chaos and is snarky and rude, he is not malicious.

Early Life Edit

He appeared more than a thousand years ago before Luna's time as Nightmare Moon, creating pandemonium all over Equestria until Celestia and Luna banished him by turning him into stone with the Elements of Harmony. However, just before his banishment, he planted seeds called Plunderseeds that he thought would grow and spread chaos, which he ate a few of. He was freed by the Cutie Mark Crusaders arguing.