Fluttershy is a pegasus mare. She is the older sister of Zephyr Breeze.

She represents the Element of Kindness.


Appearance Edit

Fluttershy has yellow fur, a long pink mane and tail and teal eyes that often appear half-closed.

Her cutie mark is three pink butterflies.

Earlier Life Edit

Filly Fluttershy

When she was a young filly, she attended the same flight school as Rainbow Dash, but unlike Dash, she was a very weak flier and a bit clumsy. This led to bullying from a group of colts (who also bullied Rainbow Dash). One day, Rainbow Dash stood up for Fluttershy and raced the bullies. But at the start of the race, they accidentally knocked Fluttershy off the cloud and she ended up falling out of the sky. She was saved by a swarm of butterflies that prevented her from falling to the ground. She quickly became amazed with the fauna and broke into song. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash had done a Sonic Rainboom, which frightened the animals, leading the Fluttershy to reassure them. Thus discovering her ability to communicate with animals, and thereby earning her cutie mark.

Personality Edit

Fluttershy is very timid, and as such occasionally has trouble standing up for herself, but that doesn't happen very often. She scares easily and apologises a lot. Fluttershy is very kind, and extremely good with animals, being able to understand all animals. She has a tactic she calls "The Stare" (a hard stare) that she uses on occasion to get rowdy animals to behave.

Trivia Edit

  • Fluttershy's pets include Constance, Hummingway, and Avery the hummingbirds, Angel Bunny the rabbit, Elizabeak the chicken and Harry the bear.
  • She is a year older than Pinkie Pie.
  • She lives in a cottage that borders the Everfree Forest.
  • On the subject of sneezing, she once pretended to sneeze during the events of "Hurricane Fluttershy", but didn't sound convincing. When she really does sneeze, she is graceful.
  • In Dragonshy, she had two nervous habits (locking her wings and keeling over with her legs in the air) that aren't shown in the rest of the series.
  • She is (or possibly was) afraid of adult dragons for reasons unknown.