We better start chopping this up and editing it guys and gals.  Go!

SneezeAnonPony: I'm an Anonymous (for the most part) artist that's pretty much been here since thread #1. I only began posting my own art around thread #5 (I think). I originally had no name until a friendly Anon dubbed me "SneezeAnonPony". SAP for short.

What got me into the sneezing community? Well I've always been interested in sneezing. Ever since I was younger, I usually kept all my Sneeze related escapades to the "Sneeze Fetish Forums" as that was the largest compilation of sneeze related work I was aware of. I began my Pony Sneeze interest in 2013. I'd been a fan of the show since the beginning. I started out on 4chan and eventually found myself a regular on /mlp/. I was often finding myself trying to gather an interesting in sneezing by creating threads on /mlp/. They didn't often last very long. This is when /anon/ came into play. Fellow sneeze fanatics had gathered and we actually began garnering an interest! This is when I decided I could give back to the community by trying out something new. This was sneeze drawings. I draw a lot of fanart anyway but sneezing was something new.

Art Inspiration: My art inspiration mainly is as show accurate as I can possibly achieve. I don't really have a personal style but I can emulate others well. I managed to develop a style however as my pictures where usually a sort of "monochrome" type theme. Drawn all in one colour that is usually associated with the particular character. E.g- Rarity in Purple.

I was also the first artist to draw an Equestria Girls related image. However it wasn't an actual sneeze so I guess it wasn't that important.

My favourite Pony is Rarity. She is also my favourite sneezy pony. I mainly love Rarity because she seems like she has a very sensitive nose. She also loses a lot of her lady like-ness when she sneezes. She just lets them take over and often is rather uncouth when it comes to it.

Additional Info: I'm female and from the UK (That's why I reply at silly times). Other then that I attempt to stay relatively anonymous.

It'd also be awesome id Sudosnz could get a mention on my page. They colour in some of my art and I think they deserve a mention!

OK, that's all I can think of. I'm kinda throwing myself into this as I ain't entirely sure what I need to mention and what I don't need to. Trial and Error is the way I'll be doing this it seems. Just let me know if you guys want to know anymore stuff about me. I'm always up for questions.