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Character Gender Link
Castle Mane-ia Rarity Female Youtube, Derpibooru
Three's A Crowd Applejack Female
Rarity Female
Discord Male
It Ain't Easy Being Breezies Breezie Female Youtube

Rarity: [Embed] S1E05 [Embed] S2E07 [Embed] S4E03

Fluttershy [Embed] S1E20

Pinkie Pie: [Embed] S1E05 [Embed] S2E13 [Embed] S2E25

There are a few that I am missing. There may be more than this that I'm forgetting, but I know I'm missing

Rainbow Dash: S3E03 Rarity and Applejack and Discord: S4E11


Griffon The Brush-Off (Rarity and Pinkie Pie) Green Isn't Your Color (Fluttershy) Return Of Harmony (Berry Punch) Baby Cakes (Pinkie Pie) May The Best Pet Win (Rarity) Putting Your Hoof Down (Fluttershy) It's About Time (Twilight Sparkle (maybe, no sound)) Hurricane Fluttershy (Fluttershy) A Canterlot Wedding (Pinkie Pie) Too Many Pinkie Pies (Rainbow Dash) Castle Mane-ia (Rarity) Three's A Crowd (Applejack and Rarity)