Spike is a male baby dragon and is Twilight's assistant.


Appearance Edit

Spike is purple with a pale green tummy and darker green eyes, spines, and nails. He has a round face and no wings.

Personality Edit

Spike is prone to rudeness, including snark, name-calling, scheme-making, and greed. Despite this, he is a genuinely good dragon and always wants what's best for his friends. Also, despite his clumsiness, he is very loyal and helpful to Twilight, who calls him her "number-one assistant". He has a very big appetite and will eat anything, but his favourite food seems to be gems. He also has a crush on Rarity.

Early Life Edit

Spike was hatched as an entrance exam by Twilight, who hatched him at the same time as the sonic rainboom fueled her with a surge of magic, leading him to swell to enormous size. He was shrunk back to regular size by Princess Celestia.

Trivia Edit

  • He sneezes fire.
  • His fire breath is green.
  • He can deliver letters with his stomach.
  • In The Secret of My Excess, he grew up due to greed but shrank back to normal size when he became generous.