Twilight Sparkle is a mare who used to be a unicorn, but ever since Magical Mystery Cure, she's been an Alicorn. Since becoming an Alicorn, she's also been the Princess of Friendship. She represents the Element of Magic and is the daughter of Velvet and Nightlight Sparkle, sister-in-law of Cadence, younger sister of Shining Armor and aunt of Flurry Heart.

Twilight Sparkle

Appearance Edit

Twilight has an average build, but her wings are slightly bigger than those of most pegasi. She has lilac purple fur and a flat, darker purple mane and tail with fuschia stripes. Her eyes are purple and her cutie mark is a deep pink star with several white stars surrounding it.

Personality Edit

Twilight is usually the most sensible of the ponies, although she can get grumpy when she's annoyed or panicky when she's scared. She used to be a bit introverted and not care about having friends, but since then, she's been much friendlier. She's also very cautious and cares about every detail, sometimes to the point of being a perfectionist. She is very studious and reads a lot but is also scared of snakes.

Early Life Edit

Filly Twilight

As a filly, Twilight only had two friends: her big brother Shining Armor and her foalsitter Cadence. Those were her very best friends and they did many activities together. Shining Armor taught Twilight how to fly a kite and they never argued. Cadence also taught Twilight how to do the sunshine dance. She studied magic in order to get into Celestia's school and eventually got granted access. She then had to hatch an egg as an entrance exam and after multiple failed attempts at hatching it, a sonic rainboom (courtesy of Rainbow Dash) happened, causing her magic to "spill over", making her float up into the air in a purple bubble, her parents to turn into cacti, and Spike to hatch out of the egg but grow big. Princess Celestia showed up and corrected all the wrongs, and since then, up until Magical Mystery Cure, Twilight has been Celestia's student. In "Lesson Zero", she fears she will get sent "back" to Magic Kindergarten, implying she went there before. As a filly, one of her favourite books was "Gusty the Great".